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Don't miss this timely message for God's people. The season has change and it's time for God's people to embrace the culture of the Kingdom which means our language, our behaviors, our habits and our way of doing things must change. This message will empower us to embrace change, trust the leading of the Holy Spirit as we begin to move beyond information and into activation. Don't miss this life changing message!

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Don't miss this life changing message! If you are stuck in Babylon (religion) and want to be free, you can be! Listen to the truth of God's word. He wants to rescue and set free those who are captive and bring you into a life of real joy and purpose. Take a listen!

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You don't want to miss this third part in a series which calls attention to the need for the Church to rise and leave the season she is in to move to the next one where God is. What are the triggers for migration? It's time to "shed what is dead" and rise! Take a listen.

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Don't miss the 2nd part of these series which parallels the patterns of birds and their migration to the Church. The Earth is longing for the Church to rise up out of this dark season and migrate for the purposes of feeding and breeding. Intrigued? Take a listen.

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A powerful message challenging Zion, the remnant people of God, to bring the good news of our Redeemer, our Rescuer!!! We will not keep silent any longer. He has already paid the price for the redemption of the world from captivity. We must tell the world the good news!

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