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This message will challenge the church to shift its mindset away from traditional thinking about a hierarchial church structure to a team structure, modeled after the Apostolic team demonstrated in the New Testament. Relationship and communication is the key to reaching the destination that God assigned for any corporate body of believers. Highly recommended for all those who are a part of a team or have strong desire to see team ministry effectively happening in their church.

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Don't miss this revelatory message about Christ in us, the hope of glory. What does that mean, that means Christ in us means that we have the potential to be all that He has called us to be because the seed of the Spirit of God is inside of us! The Holy Ghost will lead and guide our spirit into becoming what God has destined for us.

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This is Part 5 in a series called Church Arising. This recording is compilation of two separate messages. "More than a Black Box" is an analogy of how a black box on an airplane is used as a digital recorder of all that occurs during flight. As the church prepares for "flight" or migration into a new season, the Apostolic design of planning and strategizing in preparation of flight is essential. The second half of this message is titled V-Formation and explains the reason for flying in a V-Formation as teams rather than "solo" flights that leave us weary and cause us to fall short of our corporate, divine purpose. Take a listen!

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Our values indicate what is important and worthwhile of our time, energy and focus. This message speaks of a church that values His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. It is important to know who we are as a local church and be the best at who God has called us to be corporately! Take a listen and hear about the seven strong messages of the Kingdom.

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How clear is your sound? God has given His church a voice but we have used it to promote religion and politics in the Church rather than the clear revelation of Jesus and His Kingdom. We are a voice but our voice must be clear, true, relevant and REAL! This message will inspire you to bring the gospel of the Kingdom to men's hearts with clarity and authenticity.

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