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Don't miss this great teaching on the Power of Our Declaration. What made Joshua and Caleb different than the 12 spies who were too afraid to go into the promised land? Perspective! Rather than seeing giants, they saw a land flowing with milk and honey. Your perspective can determine your destiny! Get God's perspective and believe for his promises!

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We have the power to choose. We make choices that either promote us or demote us. Which will you choose? The Church has to make a choice to come out of education and into production.

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God is challenging His church to be risk takers and "actively" demonstrate the love and supernatural power of our God in our communities, schools, workplaces and everywhere that we go. We can overcome fear with love, perfect love, mature love. As we "go", we are fueled by love, fired by passion!

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This powerful messages talks about the hope that is in our God-given testimony as we share our story of God's power and love in our lives.

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