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This is Part 5 in a series called Church Arising. This recording is compilation of two separate messages. "More than a Black Box" is an analogy of how a black box on an airplane is used as a digital recorder of all that occurs during flight. As the church prepares for "flight" or migration into a new season, the Apostolic design of planning and strategizing in preparation of flight is essential. The second half of this message is titled V-Formation and explains the reason for flying in a V-Formation as teams rather than "solo" flights that leave us weary and cause us to fall short of our corporate, divine purpose. Take a listen!

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A powerful message challenging Zion, the remnant people of God, to bring the good news of our Redeemer, our Rescuer!!! We will not keep silent any longer. He has already paid the price for the redemption of the world from captivity. We must tell the world the good news!

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This is the last message in a series about Passivity. This powerful message exposes passivity and helps believers to identify where a stronghold of passivity has taken root and walks through the process of forgiveness of self and others, healing in the inner man and deliverance. Don't miss this life changing message! Be set free!

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Prophet Ardella delivers a powerful message in this 4th part of a series that exposes Passivity. We have a choice. As you listen to this message, join in the declaration statements at the end with confidence.

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This anointed and powerful message by Prophet Ardella Darst is about Passivity. Accepting and living out of passivity will cause us to lead ineffective and unhealthy lives falling short of God's plan for us. This message will inspire you to rise up and find confidence in who God created you to be. Embrace the truth of this message and your life will be forever changed.

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