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This message will build your faith in God's desire to do the miraculous through His Church!

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This message is one of the most convicting and inspiring messages available on our podcast. Prophet Ardella Darst challenges us to never look back but out of love, we look forward. Jesus gave us a healthy, mature model for loving others. He demonstrated love and acceptance balanced with boundaries and truth. Let's strive to love like He loves!

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God is looking for a perfect (mature) man in the Earth who can accurately represent God to the Earth. God formed a man, had to reform that man so that he would conform to the image of Jesus and be transformed. Don't miss this powerful message!

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This message exposes the powerful impact of the speaking God's truth over believing and repeating the lies the enemy wants us to believe. Read 2 Corinthians 10:5

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Don't miss this powerful message about our words having the power to bring life or death. Let's give God something to work with. Speak life!

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You won't want to miss this life-changing message from Prophet Ardella Darst. It takes a stronger person to demonstrate love when there is no guarantee that love will be returned. Afterall, Jesus loved us and he had no guarantee that we would choose to love Him! This message gets to the heart of the matter by exposing our fears and challenging us to truly love one another without judgment and fear! Perfect love casts out all fear!

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Are we sowing words that will reap life or death? What do your Facebook posts say? What about those around you? The Word says that the power of life and death is in our tongue! It's time to build our faith by hearing the Word of God! Speak it out loud and we will see our valley of dry bones, come to life as we begin to believe what God says and declare it!

Don't miss this great teaching on the Power of Our Declaration. What made Joshua and Caleb different than the 12 spies who were too afraid to go into the promised land? Perspective! Rather than seeing giants, they saw a land flowing with milk and honey. Your perspective can determine your destiny! Get God's perspective and believe for his promises!

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We have the power to choose. We make choices that either promote us or demote us. Which will you choose? The Church has to make a choice to come out of education and into production.

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God is challenging His church to be risk takers and "actively" demonstrate the love and supernatural power of our God in our communities, schools, workplaces and everywhere that we go. We can overcome fear with love, perfect love, mature love. As we "go", we are fueled by love, fired by passion!

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This powerful messages talks about the hope that is in our God-given testimony as we share our story of God's power and love in our lives.

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Is your life delightful, fragrant and attractive to others? The Kingdom of God should not only develop fruit on the inside but show up on the outside in beauty. Ask yourself the simple question, how often do I smile? Are people refreshed by being around me? The Word of God says that God looks at the heart, while man looks at the outward appearance. This is not an excuse to disregard the outside but a plain and simple reminder to us that we reflect our relationship with God and our revelation of the Kingdom in our everyday lives! What do men see?

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There are two types of power. Dunamis Power which is the dynamite power of God to change things and Exousia Power which is the delegated power from God to His government. Listen to this profound message to God's people about the importance of God's delegated authority to leadership and the power of sending believers to do the works of the ministry!

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This message will challenge the church to shift its mindset away from traditional thinking about a hierarchial church structure to a team structure, modeled after the Apostolic team demonstrated in the New Testament. Relationship and communication is the key to reaching the destination that God assigned for any corporate body of believers. Highly recommended for all those who are a part of a team or have strong desire to see team ministry effectively happening in their church.

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Don't miss this revelatory message about Christ in us, the hope of glory. What does that mean, that means Christ in us means that we have the potential to be all that He has called us to be because the seed of the Spirit of God is inside of us! The Holy Ghost will lead and guide our spirit into becoming what God has destined for us.

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This is Part 5 in a series called Church Arising. This recording is compilation of two separate messages. "More than a Black Box" is an analogy of how a black box on an airplane is used as a digital recorder of all that occurs during flight. As the church prepares for "flight" or migration into a new season, the Apostolic design of planning and strategizing in preparation of flight is essential. The second half of this message is titled V-Formation and explains the reason for flying in a V-Formation as teams rather than "solo" flights that leave us weary and cause us to fall short of our corporate, divine purpose. Take a listen!

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Our values indicate what is important and worthwhile of our time, energy and focus. This message speaks of a church that values His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. It is important to know who we are as a local church and be the best at who God has called us to be corporately! Take a listen and hear about the seven strong messages of the Kingdom.

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How clear is your sound? God has given His church a voice but we have used it to promote religion and politics in the Church rather than the clear revelation of Jesus and His Kingdom. We are a voice but our voice must be clear, true, relevant and REAL! This message will inspire you to bring the gospel of the Kingdom to men's hearts with clarity and authenticity.

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Don't miss this timely message for God's people. The season has change and it's time for God's people to embrace the culture of the Kingdom which means our language, our behaviors, our habits and our way of doing things must change. This message will empower us to embrace change, trust the leading of the Holy Spirit as we begin to move beyond information and into activation. Don't miss this life changing message!

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Don't miss this life changing message! If you are stuck in Babylon (religion) and want to be free, you can be! Listen to the truth of God's word. He wants to rescue and set free those who are captive and bring you into a life of real joy and purpose. Take a listen!

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You don't want to miss this third part in a series which calls attention to the need for the Church to rise and leave the season she is in to move to the next one where God is. What are the triggers for migration? It's time to "shed what is dead" and rise! Take a listen.

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Don't miss the 2nd part of these series which parallels the patterns of birds and their migration to the Church. The Earth is longing for the Church to rise up out of this dark season and migrate for the purposes of feeding and breeding. Intrigued? Take a listen.

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A powerful message challenging Zion, the remnant people of God, to bring the good news of our Redeemer, our Rescuer!!! We will not keep silent any longer. He has already paid the price for the redemption of the world from captivity. We must tell the world the good news!

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Don't miss the first part of this series. Even the birds understand when it is time to move!!! Like the birds, God's people need to know the times and the seasons that we are in. This message challenges the Church to arise from their sleep and prepare to move by the leading of the Holy Spirit. It's time to MOVE!!!

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Prayer is a powerful and effective tool available to every believer. Learn about the key to powerful and effective prayer be hearing of the price that must be paid through intercession, the position in prayer of every believer and the power of prayer!

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This is the last message in a series about Passivity. This powerful message exposes passivity and helps believers to identify where a stronghold of passivity has taken root and walks through the process of forgiveness of self and others, healing in the inner man and deliverance. Don't miss this life changing message! Be set free!

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Matthew 5:37 tells us to let our "Yes" be a simple "Yes" and our "No", a simple "No". This powerful message by Prophet Ardella Darst exposes Passivity with the truth.

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Prophet Ardella delivers a powerful message in this 4th part of a series that exposes Passivity. We have a choice. As you listen to this message, join in the declaration statements at the end with confidence.

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This anointed and powerful message by Prophet Ardella Darst is about Passivity. Accepting and living out of passivity will cause us to lead ineffective and unhealthy lives falling short of God's plan for us. This message will inspire you to rise up and find confidence in who God created you to be. Embrace the truth of this message and your life will be forever changed.

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